Cool Ranch Mozzarella Sticks


In my house, if it has cheese on it we will eat it. We eat way too much cheese and we always have it in the fridge. It is definitely a staple around here. It’s not even a certain kind of cheese because we love lots of different kinds and we eat it in all types of recipes.

One of the more creative ways we have found to eat cheese is these homemade mozerella sticks. And do you know the best part? They are not coated in breadcrumbs like a classic mozerella sticks recipe.

They are coated in…


Yep, that’s right, Doritos. It packs a lot more flavor than breadcrumbs and gives them a nice crunchy texture.

To make these you need the following ingredients:

-Cheese sticks or a block of cheese cut into small blocks

-1 cup of crushed Doritos

-1 cup of flour

-2 eggs, scrambled in a bowl



Preheat deep fryer to 350 degrees.

Cut a block of cheese into small blocks like shown in the picture below.


Measure 1 cup flour and put on a plate

Scramble 2 eggs in a bowl

Crush up Doritos in a bag or pulse in food processor until fine.


Arrange a station of ingredients near the deep fryer so you can easily dip the cheese into the 3 stations of steps before the deep fryer.


First coat the cheese in flour.

Then dip in egg and let excess drip off.

Then coat in Doritos crumbs.

Place in deep fryer basket once they are coated in the crumbs and repeat for the remaining cheese sticks until complete. Fry for about 30 seconds to a minute until golden brown


Let cool and serve! The cheese should be stringy and fully melted when you pull them apart.


Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Enjoy!





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